Battling Bad Things

My name is Abby Bingham, my son Alexzander was
diagnosed with Leukemia on Christmas, and despite
having to be in the hospital over the holidays, he
always had a smile on his face and looked forward
to whatever new adventure was around the corner.
Because of my recent career change, I (his mother)
am unable to secure FMLA. I am currently taking a
leave of absence from my job, but no pay is the
consequence. Alexzander is the most energetic,
playful boy i have ever seen. His passion is super heros,
the Avengers are at the top of the list. I tell him everyday that he is my super hero and heresponds by saying to me everyday that i am his "Pretty Princess". He tells me that it is his job to keep his Mama safe. And the cuddles, Alexzander is a cuddler! As old as he gets, his favorite place to be is with his ear on my chest. He says it's because he likes to feel my heart beating in his head.

Alex has gone far in his treatment so far. He has completed his radiation therapy as well as many, many doses of chemotherapy. He has had several blood transfusion, spinal taps, and bone marrow biopsies. He has been sedated more times in the last few months than most people would have in three lifetimes. We have had some scares also including an allergic reaction to one of his chemo sessions that caused him to instantly stop breathing. I pray no other mother in the world has to watch her only baby go through that. He has gone through multiple bouts with pneumonia, night sweats, fevers, nausea, sore bones, swollen glands over his entire body, being displaced for several weeks at a time, and the worst for him, away from all of his friends from daycare. I now am homeschooling him to keep him up to date with the rest of the kids. We are even, at Alexzander's request, learning sign language. His best friend from daycare has an older brother and mother who are deaf and while their whole family signs, Alex wants to be able to communicate with them that way. He loves to show his new signs to his nurses and doctors. His favorite sign is 'shoes'. Please, help me take care of my heart, my soul, my son. Be an Avenger and support my little Iron Man.

"I am the Mommy of an Iron Man"